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Getting Started

Building trust is a crucial factor in turning potential shoppers into repeat customers. However, some new stores find it difficult to strengthen clients’ confidence in their brand. Given the current situation, our Air Reviews app is released to support new Shopify merchants in quickly getting closer to customers and positioning themselves in the market.

Taking advantage of social proof and customer experience on products, AirApps helps you gain consumers’ trust and increase conversion rate in the shortest time.

What benefits can the Air Reviews app bring to you?

  • Make use of feedback to increase the level of your brand awareness, authenticity, and trustworthiness.
  • Help customers have another angle of view on products via consumers’ objective reviews instead of marketing from vendors.
  • Add appealing images and high ratings to reviews as a guarantee of product qualities and service, building client trust and encouraging them to check out without hesitation.
  • Raise buyers’ attention to other outstanding products having many positive compliments.
  • Displaying reviews and ratings is the best way to convert visitors and maximize sales when it comes to new e-shops.
  • Show your openness to customer feedback and build long-lasting relationships.

What highlighted functions does AirApps have?

  • Show Dashboard with the Average Product Rating and Total Approved Reviews.
  • Manage and edit reviews (including content, rating, image, author name, and status).
  • Filter and sort reviews based on products, ratings, and dates.
  • Support Review Widget for the star rating and popup.
  • Display Review Pop and custom review images on many positions to outstanding feedback and attract customer attention.
  • Show Review Block on multiple themes and easily custom design (layout, color, content, preset, and position).
  • Display Policy and request name and email fields when clients submit reviews.
  • Freely translate the content into your store's language.
  • Work well on desktop and mobile.

In general

No one can deny that review display is an ideal method to build trust and drive sales, compared to advertising and word-of-mouth marketing. The Air Reviews app has done very well in highlighting feedback, turning it into a powerful tool to generate money for Shopify stores. Give us a try, and we will give you a fortune.